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Growing Old Gracefully

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juneh Tue 16-Apr-13 07:00:31

I used to wonder what that meant but then of course it is a state of mind, and keeping the mind active is important. Our bodies do age and there is no disputing that, as we grow older it is harder to recover from illnesses, and injuries. Nowadays the saying goes '50 is the new 40' and 60 is the new 50' ha! that is great and to some extent it's true because we are living longer and that is brillliant mainly due to the wonders of modern science and all the ways they have found to keep us upright.
I always envisaged myself as a bit of a rebel and indeed still do and will stand my ground and give it out both in writing and in the face of adversity. Does one live quietly and leave disgraceful behaviour to the younger generation or do we still fight for the rights of those we see in distress, speak out when necessary. Does graceful mean hidding ones light under a bushel or does it mean speaking out when we see things we don't agree with? What do you think?

Wayfinder Wed 17-Apr-13 22:51:18

I've still not got my head around the idea of 'growing old' - whether gracefully or disgracefully.
For me, living is what you do regardless of age. Living is about constantly learning and trying new experiences, and if you stop doing that you're not really living.
There are still loads of skills I want to train in and things I want to learn about, and it never occurs to me that I won't still be doing that at 80+, 90+. even 100+!
I know I'm fortunate in that I don't have a single ache or pain anywhere and am as flexible as I ever was, due to regular yoga. I am also young in mind and simply don't expect to get 'old'.
Older yes, wiser yes, but 'old' feels final and isn't in my mindset grin

juneh Thu 18-Apr-13 06:37:28

Yesterday I went to see my osteopath who is less than 40, she politely told me that I wasn't very fit for my age 69, I of course disagree and think I do quite a lot after a year of various health problems.
I remember when under 40 I didn't consider what getting old would be like, more about being a bit critical of it if you catch mydrift.
I certainly wouldn't go back if given the chance, would you? I remember my younger years filled with anx about one thing or another,money worries, relationships, family and so on. Some of that hasn't changed, still worry about my family and been through one terrible loss of my first husband, but have found love again 8 years ago and remarried, retiring here to lovely Conwy. So getting with life never really stops does it, we carry on move on and so on. I cannot say I don't have aches and pains but somehow they are over looked in my quest for something new and interesting to get on with. LIke Gransnet Local lets raise a glass to getting older. wine