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scorpio Sun 28-Apr-13 19:50:02

I hope I have got our site 'live' at last! Please look it up if you use Facebook and make any comments, suggestions etc you think appropriate (?)!

I live in Buckland, by the way. Am pretty housebound, but welcome visitors! Hope to make Gransnet Oxfordshire a force to be reckoned with - and a lot of fun! We are all about mutual support and that sort of thing!

boheminan Mon 29-Apr-13 09:23:49

Thanks for taking the local site on scorpio. I think the local sites need to be 'plugged' more on the national site of GN, as maybe some newer members aren't aware of them, or are not sure how to get into them??
I think it's great to have a chance to mull over more local issues - for example, although I've heard of Buckland, I've no idea where it is, though I have a hunch it's out towards Witney?

scorpio Mon 29-Apr-13 18:30:25

Buckland is a small village, no shop, four miles from Faringdon, just off A420. It is about 15 miles to Oxford, 10 to Witney and Abingdon. Just about a mile across the fields to the Thames (hence my all-terrain scooter!). Have ended up in a couple of hedges so far, and when I say 'in', I mean IN! Brambles in wheels, my hair, bent dial! OMG! Luckily no-one around to see!

scorpio Mon 29-Apr-13 18:43:16

I think I may have made a good connection with Age UK Oxfordshire and they would be interested in a joint meeting. However, I think our role is a bit different, so would rather we get our act together and 'story-line' before we get together with them!

Would love to meet you! I need to get a member recruiting in each section of the county. Will be seeing some friends from Steeple Aston, further north, on Friday!

boheminan Sat 04-May-13 20:33:21

I haven't got a car and I have a feeling that Faringdon's a tricky place to get to from Abingdon? I seem to remember reading you have a mobility scooter that navigates ditches and hedgesgrin. I was talking to a friend about mobility scooters today, as there was a woman driving one hell for leather through our local shopping precinct, scattering pedestrian's. Are there 'Rules'/speeds which should be observed whilst using them? ie: some folks seem to stick to the pavements, others the side of the road and some sail along in the middle of the road, slowing up the traffic.
I hope you don't think I'm being 'scooterist'/rude, I'm genuinely interested. Isn't it fine weather for a bank holidaysunshine

juneh Sat 11-May-13 11:23:06

Hello from glorious Conwy. Thought I would pack my virtual rucksac and trek across the country to meet up with my gransnetter comrades who like me are working very hard to make our sites interesting.
Hope you might feel free to pop across to say Hello to me at Gransnet conwy
warm wishes

boheminan Sun 12-May-13 21:54:48

Hello junehsmile. I've never been to Conwy before, being an Oxfordshire lass, so it's nice to meet you.
I'm not sure where scorpio (or anyone else, come to that!) is - she may be trying out her scooter on some new, challenging terrain out in the fields.

It would be so nice (IMO) if these local sites get off the ground, cos I for one would like to keep up to date on local things that affect us GNrs. How's it going in Conwy???

scorpio Mon 13-May-13 01:18:54

Well a meet-up between Conwy, Abingdon and Buckland would be quite something! Perhaps a helocopter rather than a bus! I could, seriously, hire the Buckland village bus but we would have to have enough people to make it a party! I will contact Age UK Oxfordshire to see if they have any ideas to help!

scorpio Mon 13-May-13 01:28:13

Hi June

Now you will have rumbled scorpio! Was a bit of a mistake but couldn't change it, so stuck with it! Still haven't got email address for Gransnet and Lara is on leave next week. Oh dear! Meanwhile I get pointed messages from Twitter because I can't Tweet them! Oh dear! Oh dear!

Could always try to thumb a lift I suppose! S

scorpio Mon 13-May-13 08:03:53

Yes scooters are a very contentious issue! They come in three basic types, Class 2 (up to 4mph pavements only). But even 1 mph can be very dangerous amongst pedestrians or in shops. I hear a lot of criticism about irresponsible scooter drivers! Mine is Class 3 (roadworthy, with road licence - free). It also has cross-country possibilities and goes up to 6mph. I can set it at 'tortoise' or 'hare' settings (4 or 6mph!). It is actually a 3-wheeler which was recommended for all-terrain (as tested on 'Top Gear')! Then there is also a class 3 which goes up to 8mph, which may be better on roads. So now you are scooter-wise!

I live near the edge of the small village of Buckland, near fields which go down to the Thames. Since having 2 P.E. in 2009 and then developing lymphoma and O.E. I have not been able to get out into that beautiful countryside which I found very frustrating and rather sad. The BP Benevolent Fund lent me funding for my Tramper, having assessed my situation. I use it mainly to get down the bridle-track, then the footpath to the river. It is a complete joy! When I am more confident I will also use it to get to the village school where I run the Art Group. The roads here are quite narrow and a lot of mums have 4-wheel drive monsters - so I haven't plucked up courage yet. I depend on lifts from friends.

Perhaps i should do a scooter-blog, complete with pics of me in a hedge or a ditch! Thankfully, there has been no-one around with a camera! Friends nag me to be sure to take my ancient mobile phone, although I am not sure that the message 'I am stuck in the hedge, 5th field down' would get a big response!

scorpio Thu 16-May-13 11:37:34

However, I must add, if one hasn't been able to walk anywhere for 3 years a mobility scooter feels like one's first car! I am so excited to have one.

But I do agree that they CAN be dangerous, both for the driver and other people! I do think that some sort of class would be useful - like children have bicycle proficiency tests. Perhaps I should make this a campaign on GN national? Think I WILL!

Will start it tomorrow as work at school today.

boheminan Thu 23-May-13 12:53:10

grin thatsta spirit scorpio - Go Girl Go!!!!!

uknana Sun 20-Oct-13 18:29:58

Hi Scorpio-I am a young 64 in Wantage and am happy to link up at any time. We have the Wantage Literary festival on here at the moment
and of course King Alfred is our local hero along with John Betjeman. Looking forward to keeping in touch with Gransnetters nearby.

rosesarered Wed 26-Feb-14 14:24:51

we recently had a meet up in the centre of Oxford, but just wondering how many G'netters are still on here, and do you go on the National site as well? There don't seem to be many people on this local site, and we did our meet up through the main site.I will keep looking on here though, and maybe more people will

boheminan Fri 14-Mar-14 22:15:14

boheminan calling rosesarered - I'm with you on this - I really can't find my way around this local sitesad. Really enjoyed the meet up and hope to do something in Abingdon sometime

Finch Tue 01-Apr-14 20:30:47

I didn't realise there was an Oxfordshire site as well as an Oxford one. Your mention of The Lamb at Buckland scorpio brought back happy memories. I used to eat there sometimes with my parents and DH. I remember it being really out in the wild and offering delicious jack, queen, and king size steaks.
I used to go to school in Faringdon and we lived in Watchfield near Shrivenham. Those were the days !

rosesarered Tue 08-Apr-14 19:47:01

Hello Finch are you ever able to meet up in Oxford/Abingdon/ Wantage/ Witney?Hi Boheminan I agree with you about the site, there just aren't the people [in the whole of Oxfordshire!] who are on here!Finch I don't think that Scorpio uses this site any more.

FlicketyB Wed 09-Apr-14 14:31:18

Another Oxfordshire Gransnetter. I live in Steventon,roughly equidistant from Abingdon and Wantage and about to become a suburb of Greater Didcot. I know Buckland and the Lamb, we usually eat there once or twice a year.

Scorpoi, you should get a new smartphone and then get a GPS (global postioning system) app, which will be able to give grid co-ordinates for your location. Give those to anyone you ring for help and any sat nav can direct them to your location (unless, like me, they do not have sat nav).

Oxfordshire is a long county. Ideally we need a branch centered on Abingdon/Wantage/Witney and another centered on Banbury.