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I have had it!!!!!!!!

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NanaNel Tue 30-Apr-13 09:35:39

I know that there have been various threads on Gransnet about these subjects but I want to join them all together and RANT.
On Radio York and I am sure on other local stations they have been banging on for a week about the health authority being in crisis because of the aging
population. We prevent young people from getting housing by tying up larger houses. We should give back our winter fuel allowance and bus passes.
I am nearly 65, still working and paying tax, do not have a bus pass. DH is 66 and doing the same as me. Two years ago we were paid our winter fuel allowance twice. I tried every department for weeks to give it back. I even suggested that they did not pay it the following year but was told that it wasn't possible. Eventually a very helpful man told me to give up as there was no system to allow me to pay it back. I gave it to charity but technically I suppose that I have committed benefit fraud.
Half of our company is over retirement age and work at least 50 hours a week and are on 24 hour call.
Do you think that the government has a secret plan to set a culling date of maybe 65 grin or do they just want us to go away quietly.
I'm running out of steam now but am tempted to retire today and go and use up all the benefit they say I am using. Failing that I will win the lottery and spend it all before they get their hands on it somehow.
Rant over I feel better now. Going to make a brew and have a cupcake

YaYaJen Tue 30-Apr-13 14:25:08

I do not know about this governments plans but it seems they are alienating lots of different groups, doctors, nurses, academics, the ill, disabled, the over 50's, pensioners etc etc usually through mass media moral panics scapegoating such groups. Just crazy, there will surely be no-one left to vote for them at this rate.

gamblinggran Thu 20-Jun-13 11:34:20

Sick and tired of being portrayed as a burden when so many of us give so much!