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AnnB Wed 01-May-13 18:08:17

We don't always have time to read all we want, so maybe we could share interesting discoveries. Summer trends in Vogue include an 'old classics' section which could well be lying around in the wardrobe. Apparently wicker and basket bags are really in vogue (I think I took a lovely colourful one to a Charity shop last week ...hmmmm wonder if it is still there?) , shooting jackets (pictures from 1965) relabelled as 'utility jackets'. Other trends briefly are leather biker jackets, gypsy blouses (smartened up a bit it seems) breton stripes and brightly coloured mocassins. We won't necessarily adopt the trends (although if it is in the cupboard 'why not') but it makes for interesting conversations with our daughters! Geometrics on bags shoes and dresses are also 'la mode'.

kebi Mon 13-May-13 19:38:43

the money we would have saved had we kept a'spare' wardrobe. Everything is coming full circle.

AnnB Thu 04-Jul-13 13:04:03

I always enjoy Vogue's 'Catwalk Trends' because even if we're picking stuff from charity shops (or own wardrobes) it's interesting to know what's 'in' (whether we choose to go with it or ignore it, and I should think we do both!!!).
Catwalk trends for Autumn (potentially to be discussed with daughters , daughters-in-law or fashion savvy grandchildren) The following trends got celebrated in Vogue:
A Rose bouquet - palest pink to deep damask as colours for dresses coats and jackets, femininity
Woman's realm - hourglass curves and cinched waists
Spotlights skirts - longer length straightish skirts, perfect pleats or full and flared
Take cover - big and billowy coats
Upstarts -punk studs and spikes rubber and leather (can't see me getting much out of this one!!!!)
Wings of Desire - feathers on skirts, tops or jackets
Call of the wild - fur on bags, coats, jackets, tops
Glisten carefully -delicate sparkle and gem work
Moody blooms - bold flowers on dresses, skirts, tops
Animal prints - on coats, jackets, skirts
Slippery - high gloss vinyl designs
A lot of these trends reflected in accessories too.
I'd better get on to men's fashions soon too! (sounds a bit sexist otherwise)

AnnB Sun 10-Nov-13 16:15:40

Christmas messages, I'm feeling guilty about the guys here..but maybe they could reflect the female trends on Christmas day, flowery cufflinks or a touch of silver on the shoes or in a scarf if you are travelling might fit the bill. By now I've given away the Christmas hints from Vogue (amongst many others, including a 'blow-up' top coat that blows up as a bed!!! I kid you not!!!)
Trends include silvery or metallic or sparkly dresses or tops, and flowery jewellery! The illustrations tend to focus on metal (or silver or gold if you have the money) brooches in flowered shapes, and whole lurex or gold look tops as well as the 'sprinkled' variety.
Anyway I'll be hitting the charity shops as usual for these items, always a good excuse to browse. Happy hunting!!!! (or even better maybe you are well supplied already and ahead of the trends) Go go go girls and guys!

AnnB Sat 23-Nov-13 18:55:10

Look on the main Gransnet website for fashion 'no -nos'. Surprise surprise the Onesies are not for us! Every store has them, resist it folks! (but hey do your own thing ..these are thoughts only....)

AnnB Sat 23-Nov-13 18:57:15

Look on the main Gransnet website for fashion 'no -nos'. Surprise surprise the Onesies are not for us! Every store has them, resist it folks! (but hey do your own thing ..these are thoughts only....)

AnnB Fri 13-Dec-13 17:35:35

Latest tips for Christmas (courtesy of 'Vogue'), tartan trousers are very cool, once the property of the ruling classes we are told! Also vintage T Shirts especially anything with a Rock Band on it are looking stylish. Another one we might be able to dig out or find in 'pre-loved' shops ...geometric scarves!

AnnB Sun 12-Jan-14 17:03:16

Trends for 2014 according to Vogue, definitely straight hair if you're going for the trends (shan't cancel the perm but I'm going to ask for 'body' not 'curls' ). Razzle- dazzle glittery bits (or lots) a day to evening trend! Some lovely blues around (heading is 'Rhapsody in Blue'),, and pleats seem to be in for skirts. Fringes on garments are fashionable and [plaid and gingham checks.] Go go girls ..and watch this space guys I'll report on some trends soon.

AnnB Tue 11-Feb-14 23:05:14

January Fashion update from the lovely Vogue magazine. Spring brings colourful trainers (the ones illustrated are from Adidas, Nike and Asis). Bangles and cuffs are very trendy apparently, and primary colours! Very chic is to match a primary colour with tan particularly with red or blue ('looks very expensive' is the comment). The other fashion note of interest is natural textiles linen, cotton etc in natural basic colours. I keep promising more for men so if anyone can help me out here!!!

AnnB Tue 04-Mar-14 10:36:22

Hope this works folks! (no it didn't pictures didn't come out, but text is also good!!!)
Grey mohawks, tartan and Union Jacks galore: Ageing punks rule Britannia at Jean Paul Gaultier Paris Fashion Week show
French designer's groundbreaking show pushed boundaries with three elderly and three child models
Space-age meets Brit punk collection featured plenty of sequins and silver, tartan, UK flags and biker jackets
PUBLISHED: 23:41 GMT, 1 March 2014 | UPDATED: 11:56 GMT, 2 March 2014
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One of the hottest trends for autumn, according to Jean Paul Gaultier, is putting two fingers up to ageing gracefully.
His knockout show at Paris Fashion Week today featured elderly models with giant grey mohawks and silver bouffants rocking tartan kilts and biker jackets.
The French designer, 61, showed he's willing to push boundaries that bit further as he sent three ageing beauties down the runway.
Scroll down for video
Two senior models presents creations by Jean Paul Gaultier during his FW14 show today, a gentleman rocks nose ring and mohawk with tartan kilt, as a cool and confident woman pulls off all over space-age silver - lame trench, sequin top and leggings and cinching belt - to match her bouffant 'do
Who says punk is for kids? A handsome elderly model sports grown out beard and sculpted Spartan mohawk hairstyle
Nothing can hold this punk back: Ageing rocker sports an ear-nose ring to match his makeshift mohawk, as he holds up his umbrella in defiance
One male model wore a embellished biker jacket and tartan kilt paired with leggings and Doc Marten style boots. He sported a giant silver nose ring and heavy black eyeliner, showing off his punk credentials. At one point he held up his umbrella in a defiant pose for photographers.
Meanwhile ladies were styled in space-age silver to match their glamorous hair styles. Model Catherine Loewe, 56, who sported a bouffant 'do, was styled in silver lame tench, tight sequin top cinched in with a silver belt and matching leggings.

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AnnB Sun 30-Mar-14 18:54:22

April fashion news that affects the ladies, we'll check some things out for the men next month, some nice light summer jackets around for them and natural fibre looks in tops..hessian, linen, cotton etc.
For the ladies 'Be brave with your blooms' was one headline encouraging flower prints for the summer. Don't forget last month's message about those bold primary colours, there are some beautiful waterproofs coming out in bright reds and blues and similarly stunning wellington boots!
The other trend worth a mention 'At the Boathouse' lots of blue and white stripes in trousers and shirts, and separate blue or white sea-front sailor type designs.

AnnB Wed 16-Apr-14 17:00:09

Beauty Updates for Spring. May update - courtesy of Vogue as usual.We've tried to pick out things that will suit us, but it's difficult when our generation look so good in everything!
Coral lipstick is in for this Spring and Summer, Top Shop do a rather glorious one called 'Ooh La La!'! Other colours of interest are ice blue for nails and eyes, and 'nude lips' , we are told Max Factor do good nude lip glosses.
The hippy headdress is good wearing a head band low on the temples with a flower on it preferably.
Good things for guys, the relaxed open weave material that looks a bit like expensive hessian, the Italian combination of blues and yellows and shortish suede jackets. Go for it!

AnnB Mon 16-Jun-14 22:30:39

June posting from our Vogue magazine inspired designer messages! Mostly for us sexy sixties ladies, but keep a watch you men we do have some sartorial hints for you too from time to time. This month it's more about what she wants though! Some hot tips we're seeing are polka dot dresses, flowers and insects on rings and brooches and peach or apricot on those twinkling toes for sandals on the beach! As always we recommend salvaging anything the wardrobe can offer along these lines ..but you never know what those dress agencies have next! We're making a note to list any popular venues for shopping out, or get your favourite shop to do a listing!

AnnB Wed 01-Oct-14 16:20:48

According to Vogue winter trends include capes, anything Scottish (post-referendum euphoria) a Bohemian look (we should do well there from the 60s/70s) snakeskin and silk! Go go go...

AnnB Sat 18-Oct-14 19:08:39

November trends - we're told search for masculine prints, e.g. school tie type stripes or gentlemen's paisley prints. Blazers are looking pretty smart and a city bohemian 70s look e.g. peasant dress and slouchy boots!

AnnB Fri 07-Nov-14 14:48:17

I have a whole new set of combinations (unintended pun) in my wardrobe since my daughter has told me that underwear is the new outwear. I don't know how that works for the men! Also I'm enjoying the trend of longer sleeves covering wrists since it's getting a little cooler!!

AnnB Mon 17-Nov-14 16:57:41

Messages for Men in December. The advice in Vogue is to go for one of the following looks:
The Adventurer - - camera at the ready, wool jumper and duffle coat, buy this man a compass or a ruck sack!
The Creative - flashes of bright colour, DKNY seater, steel watch. Buy this man annual culture club membership, skin care products, an arty table lamp!
The Sportsman - canvas shoes, holdall, running jacket. Buy this man Mustard Soak from Liberty's, a sporty watch, a bicycle saddle, waterproof walkman.
The Gentleman - silk scarf, wool blazer, cuff links. Buy this man a fountain pen, cocktail shaker, wine club membership, a Church's shoe care kit!

Lots of lovely bright red party dresses and shoes around for the women, sequined separates are higgh on the agenda too!!

AnnB Mon 17-Nov-14 16:58:40

That DKNY is a sweater not a seater!!!!!

AnnB Fri 09-Jan-15 17:22:01

Spring Fashions - once more some super trends in Vogue for our generation! Colours which are fashionable will be denim (or indigo) and violet (and purples in eye-makeup too). Other trends include stripes (vertical or horizontal). For us what they call 'Haute Hippy', kaftans, midi gowns and maxi- dresses, and slightly surreal florals, what they call 'cartoon' floral and chintzes. Another trend is 'missing pieces' with gaps in various areas of the clothing for a cool summer, variations on cropped trousers and an Asian influence kimono dresses and cherry-blossom prints. Marine themes are good with starfish and sea-weed designs, and crew neck jumpers for the men with ankle length trouser. Accessories include large chains round the neck and seventies saddlebag type handbags. Gladiator sandals for bare legs may be a step too far for most of us (I seem to remember them always slipping down the leg the first time round!!!!) but go for it if you have the urge!

AnnB Mon 02-Feb-15 15:23:14

A February summary of latest trends manifesting themselves in Vogue, somewhat censored in the summary because we don't think 'punk prom wear' for example will be especially inspiring but you never know!
There's a 'Command and Control' look with lots of khaki cotton shirts, a ruched bomber jacket and elaborate Sergeant Pepper style jackets. Denim reappears with some wide trousers and the denim suit reappearing in a shirt and jeans version rather than with a jacket. Another element fitting with the Sergeant Pepper jackets is a Seventies theme with dungarees and knitted sleeveless tops for the men and the skinny scarf,described with reference to the Film 'Love Story'. As usual, just commenting in case there's anything in the wardrobe, or 'pre-loved' in charity shops for us to strut our stuff in high style in Staffordshire!!

pepys Mon 09-Feb-15 22:27:33

I am South Staffs. Hello.

AnnB Mon 06-Apr-15 16:56:40

It's April already and time to think about Summer wardrobes and what the magazines have to say so that we can subtly flaunt one or two up to date details in front of our stylish daughters without consciously seeming to have followed trends slavishly!!! Here are some ideas (courtesy of us reading Vogue as usual!).
First : 'Summer of Love' type florals and bohemian fringes, printed tops and trousers but stick to one print in the outfit.(Joni Mitchell quoted)
Second: Pure white (not very practical with grandchildren!!!) lots of broderie anglais and white leather sandals.
Third: Seventies flowers on sneakers and shirts, trousers and skirts.
Plus: Heavy metal glam rock stuff for the evening, gold silver and sequins still around.
Plus: Straight lines, vertical, horizontal or a mixture of both!
Plus: Back to nature, khakis, linen , raffia, unbleached cotton!
Other tips, lots of denim and summer suedes, we are advised to shorten wide trousers and jeans to get culottes, and chop off cuffs for three quarter sleeves!! Lots to think about !!

AnnB Sat 09-May-15 19:44:19

In the merry month of May we are being encouraged to get white for summer (how practical is that with grand-children!) Vogue saying on several occasions how attractive white shoes can be! There are also some great flats and trainers in bright colours that seem to look great any time any place!

AnnB Fri 11-Dec-15 14:09:05

Messages for 2016! They're celebrating what they call the "trophy cardigan' when it's warm enough to leave the coat behind, from tiger printed to sequin encrusted, we don't have a lot in the wardrobe to match that but big comfy cardigans are always comforting! Plaits in the hair will be evident but we couldn't find any pictures of anyone that looked over 19! Dolce and Gabbana have produced their Capri collection with bright colours and fruits for the Spring. Cowboy inspired boots we're told for next year, tutus and ballet pumps will look good and fingerless glovers when the weather gets warmer! There are still trends of 'underwear is the new outerwear' for summer justifying that bra strap or pretty vest to peep out. Smart track suit -type tops for the Brazilian Olympics will look good! Stripes are a hot tip for next year for both men and women!

AnnB Mon 25-Jan-16 16:36:35

January brings interesting predictions for Spring fashion! Vogue exhorts us to start the basic Spring wardrobe with a base of red, yellow or blue! (are we in England or Italy we ask ourselves!!!)., Other trends to pick up are graphic stripes, diagonal, horizontal or vertical, exposure round the shoulders, a space cadet look of silver , white and chrome, and longer calf length coats and shorter 'bracelet length' cuffs. Tough girl motor bike leather jackets are a trend which we all recognise (leather jacket phase anyone?) but may not want to reprise this year (but never say never). The Sunset Palette focuses on yellows, oranges and cinnamon, and just about every article emphasises accessories..anything animal print or white and chrome or just stunning!