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What the grandchildren say

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AnnB Sun 05-May-13 18:03:41

We thought it would be good to treasure some of those 'bon mots' that little ones produce. If anyone challenges my grand-daughter to take a toy from her , she says 'Don't snack!' which as my daughter points out is equally good advice to 'don't snatch!' hey... think laterally.

nanna7 Tue 07-May-13 14:44:52

When one of my grand daughter was small she always said Kellie instead of yellow. When she finally got it right we were quite sad, as it meant she was growing up, and not our baby anymore. Shame they have to grow up, isn't it?

StokieDokie Mon 13-May-13 16:21:01

Our grandaughter Harriot who is 11 was discussing what she wanted for her tea with nanna Chris, she said that she didnt like "Spikey Chicken" (spicy) and then said that she also didnt like "Pasta Bones" (bows) ~~~~
Brilliant arent they !!

AnnB Mon 13-May-13 19:08:11

Brilliant StokieDokie and nanna7, I was just remembering when my own daughter was three she was confronted by a Brazilian lady who was learning English, and in order to help she said 'Do you know what 'gorn orf' means ''cos I 'gorn orf' jam!' We don't speak like that, I swear!

AnnB Mon 05-Aug-13 11:40:27

Overheard from a three year old to a one year old. (called Penelope so he calls her P) " P that's just not acceptable!" !!

AnnB Mon 02-Sep-13 18:30:27

The latest offering is that P. went to see "Alice in Sunderland" at Shugborough Hall.

juneh Wed 16-Oct-13 21:37:57

My granddaughter who is 7 now said to me last time we were together
'Grandma wouldn't it be good if you lived to a 100 and then got a letter from the Queen'
I did wonder if I would really want to live that long but then I would see her grown up with a family of her own wouldn't I. thlhmm

BPJ Sun 03-Nov-13 06:15:20

Some years ago I visited a Roman site in the North of England and bought a certificate to say that I was a member of the Roman army and listed the benefits I would get after 25 years service. My granddaughter (who is now in her twenties) used it in her project on the Romans at school, on reading it she said Grandpa, as you where in the Roman army, did you meet Jesus..... Little treasure!!

AnnB Thu 05-Mar-15 19:27:00

Latest gem - our three year old grandchild was allowed to wear her Sleeping Beauty costume because they had a 'Princess' day at nursery. Her Mum reminded her it was Princess day in the morning and she said 'Oh Mummy I've waited for this day for ever!'

AnnB Mon 29-Jun-15 11:29:47

The grand-daughter was asking how the world was made and Nana started the story of God making the world in six days when she was interrupted by the four year old saying 'Oh yes I've heard and on the seventh day he was arrested!' (Nana had to point out he rested!!!)