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Has someone done something nice for you?

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nannychips Sun 12-May-13 16:11:54

Hello everyone. I thought I would share a heartwarming story with you. It restored my faith in human nature.
I recently went to Gransnet HQ for a meeting. I travelled by train to Gospel Oak and then took a taxi to HQ. After the meeting, the man on reception kindly called a taxi for me to take me back to the station. I boarded the train and set off to Barking where I changed trains. On the train at Barking I took my phone out of my bag to call my husband to pick me up. My purse was gone!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! All my credit cards, nearly £200 in cash (I know , I know!!) and £50 in gift vouchers. All gone!!!
Of course, I cancelled my credit cards straight away and resigned myself to the loss of everything else. But............... I then received a call from the RAC! They said that a taxi firm had contacted them via my RAC membership card and asked them to phone me to let me know they had my purse!!! I had left it in the cab!
They gave me the number of the taxi firm and when I phoned them, a lovely man named Jason asked me to identify the purse and then said he would send it to me by recorded delivery!
There are some good people out there!!!!!!