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Work or Retirement?

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Wayfinder Sun 19-May-13 18:15:01

Having just spotted a photo on Facebook with the caption "Tomorrow's Monday?? Again?? I don't think I can do this every week!" it got me wondering about our feelings connected to 'work'.
Although I spent many happy years, after having my children, running my own business and loving it, I did once have a job in my early 20s that I hated with a vengeance, and lost no time in searching for something different.
Sadly, as I approach the state retirement age, I find myself in a similar position, and I actually have a countdown chart on my calendar to the day when I can collect my pension!!
I am also actively looking for an alternative job, and if one comes along that would be great.
Collecting my very very basic pension will also give me the safety net needed to once again pursue my 'own thing' without the worry of starving to death in the meantime (Which is how I have ended up in a job I hate now!)

So, what are your feelings about working v retirement?
Working, hating it, can't wait to retire?
Working, love it, no plans to retire?
Retired, love not having to work, busier than ever?
Retired, hate it?
Or something else altogether?

It just strikes me as very sad that something that takes up so much of our lives (work) can often be something we hate or dread. That's not healthy, physically or emotionally.
(I do sometimes regret selling my business, but the time was right to try something different somewhere else. Unfortunately the 'something different somewhere else' failed to thrive, but at least I did it! Can't really regret that. smile )

ItsOnlyNan Fri 31-May-13 08:25:55

I love being retired. Worked all my life, even when I had 3 kids under 5 - everything form home work, early morning cleaning to accountancy smile Ran my own business and looked after my parents.
Since retiring I often wonder how I found the time to work!! I have been making my own cards for years and now have time to make memory books of all those old family photos. I re-learned crochet as I can't knit for too long due to RSI in my wrists. I make jewellery and every now & then I try to paint. I love taking photos and belong to a photography group via my local U3A, and attend a local history group with them too.
I have a small circle of good friends - and we do 'ladies wot lunch' and walks on the downs or along the coast.
I am back-up for my grandchildren and help out when needed. Visits to and from my family are frequent - but with petrol costs, I don't go as often as I would like, though I sometimes think it's cheaper than having them visit me ;)
I use my bus pass to visit local towns and plan to do more free exploring.
As I worked from home I don't miss colleagues. We communicated by phone & fax - then by email and now by Facebook. I use Twitter a little to keep up with craft groups. I have a couple of circles (groups of like minded people) in Google+ - crochet, jewellery, art & photography so I spend quite a bit of time at the computer instead of in front of the TV. I use youtube & the libarary to learn how to do new things - crochet stitches, jewellery techniques
Then there's the garden and keeping the house in order.... WORK??? No, just don't have the time (but would like the money again). smile smile