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Entertain the children outdoors

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NannaWendy Tue 25-Jun-13 22:40:37

Had a lovely afternoon last week picking strawberries at woore fruit farm. It was a lovely sunny day, we picked the strawberries first which were beautiful, and then had a lovely picnic in the sunshine. My granddaughter age 2 (who could one day turn into a strawberry as she loves them so much) was thrilled to pick them herself as they were on raised shelves just at the right height for her to reach in long cloche type greenhouses (I assume our lovely summers of the last few years have now driven them inside!). Give it a go! They have all types of fruit ripening until September time. The taste was so good I'm considering it's worth the 30 mile round trip to always have really good tasting summer fruit instead of the 'supermarket option'.