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Happy or Sad Childhood Memories? What were your?

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juneh Tue 09-Jul-13 11:00:01

Whenever I look back on my childhood it isn't with fond memories. We were a family full of disruption always up and down because of my parents volotile relationship, my mother taking us away only for my father to find out where we were and dragging us all back home again. I can remember a friend of mine telling me how she envied my childhood because it seemed so exciting. I remember telling her in return how I had envied hers because she had things like boiled ham salad for tea.
I do recall however how we could run free and play out all day in the summer without fear of getting lost or abused.
What about you?

sumo Fri 26-Jul-13 21:14:47


Finally found my way round this site, has only taken half the nite!
D Day tomorrow, hopeful but fearfull also. Can they do it? will it work?
all that money? its all a bit scary, but feel its the last resort! Its Spire Hospital, Whalley Range, have a look and see what you think, from what I have been told it has a good reputation, just a bit wary, I don't seem to be very trusting of anything these days. Anyway, will see tomorrow xx

juneh Fri 26-Jul-13 21:20:37

I'm not surprised your nervous is anyone going with you?
I would have come across but can't walk at the minute, pulled a tendon or something in my knee, it's agony and cannot walk properly. I am fedup as just started swimming lessons and got half way back from dog walk this morning and thought I wasn't going to make it home, practically had to hop.
Nice name by the way, is sumo symbolic. I will take a look at the Spire Hospital. Good luck but get back and let me know how your doing.