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Food Waste Recycling

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Pittcity Tue 13-Aug-13 14:32:58

From October we will have a box to put our food waste in. This will be collected weekly.
As we grow older it becomes harder just to put one rubbish bag out. Colchester Council expects us to separate almost everything into different bags and boxes and remember which week we are supposed to put which out.
Then we have to retrieve and clean the emptied bags and boxes that have been thrown haphazardly in the general direction of our houses.
Now we are being given another thing to recycle, and a messy one at that!
Not to mention the fact that we will have to find somewhere to keep the darn thing...
What does everyone else think?

Pittcity Mon 14-Oct-13 15:50:39

Received food waste recycling bins and bags this morning.
First thing I noticed was that the bags provided are just a bit too small for the bins!!
Decided to put my small bin on top of my kitchen bin as my family will never remember to use it unless they have to physically move it to open the other bin...genius thlgrin

juneh Wed 16-Oct-13 21:29:05

Here in Llandudno we have been using a variety of bins for a variety of things, the food bin is working well and is emptied every week. I keep the main food bin outside the back door and each day empty the little kitchen bin after our last meal at night and put in a new bag. I am in a routine now and feel better about putting waste food in that bin rather than the big black bin.
We have to recycle everything here and think it's a good thing or at least I don't mind doing it.
[thismile] I like your extra smilies where did you get them please?