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Colleen67 Sun 29-Jun-14 23:43:50

Not so, they live quite far away but face time on my phone is good . I can see and speak whenever . Some live in Wales and some in Cornwall u could try facetime on a iphone inbetween visits

Rowantree Tue 10-Jun-14 15:41:48

Hi Colleen, I've only just seen your reply!
It's ages since I've posted that and things have improved. I was finding it hard knowing when to stand back and when not to. I wanted to see our first grandchild more than our daughter wanted us there - so we had to negotiate and luckily talking about it helped. I still feel sad if a few weeks go by when we don't see her, as they change so much in their first year, but I try to hide it because I don't want DD2 to feel I'm clingy or needy and I know so well that they need their space.
Am also feeling sad because she's made it clear she doesn't want any more children. It's their decision, totally, and she had a terrible pregnancy and has to deal with her own disability, so I can completely understand her reasons. But I have to come to terms with DGD being her only one, and I still feel sad about it, though it sounds stupid. Again it's something I will keep to myself - it's my problem, not hers.
Sounds like you have loads of experience of being a grandma and great-gran - how wonderful! You must be very busy!

Colleen67 Sat 24-May-14 06:18:18

What problems are u having im a great gran of 6 and gran to 6 grownup grandchildren I live in orpington if i can help i will

Rowantree Mon 23-Sep-13 11:39:17

Anyone live local to these places? Would like to consider forming a group or just maybe keeping things online for the time being. I'm a new gran and finding it difficult!