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AnnB Sun 29-Sep-13 17:44:45

Daleian Ladies Choir - club of the week (last week in September)

This week, GNHQ have passed the Club of the week baton (it's gold, and sparkly, by the way) to North Staffordshire local editor Ann Brownless.
For our third instalment, we've followed our ears all the way to Silverdale in Newcastle, where the Daleian Ladies Choir practise every Thursday.
Everybody loves a good sing-song (Sound of Music in the shower, anyone?), which is a good job, because these ladies have been raising the roof for half a century, covering everything from classic show tunes to Wordsworth. Ann chatted to Nancy, a very special member of the choir, to find out more.
Ann: How long has the Choir been going?
Nancy: This year it is the fiftieth anniversary, and I am the only founding member still singing. I joined when the choir started in May 1963.
A: What sort of material does the Choir cover?
N: A really wide range of music and that is what makes it so interesting - we have covered such a variety including classical pieces, folk songs, songs from the shows, religious music and even pop music. For example, in our recent 50th Anniversary concert we sang music from all five decades of the choir’s existence including Gilbert and Sullivan, the popular ‘We’ll gather lilacs’, Wordsworth’s Daffodils and even a piece from a modern boy band! We did medleys from the 'King and I' and 'Oliver’ and the beautiful ‘Seal Lullaby’. I don’t think it would be possible to get bored!
A: Why is being in a choir so interesting?
N: I love singing, and I know a lot of people do - it brings great joy. There's also the fellowship that develops between members - we support each other and get to know each other and this creates great warmth. I have very much enjoyed performing in concerts, and also performing in the great number of festivals in which we have participated.
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A: What is your best memory of the group?
N: I have so many happy memories, but the best memory of all was when the Daleian Ladies Choir came First in the Newcastle Festival one particular year. We won several times, but in this special year - it was 1976 - there was very stiff competition and we felt elated that we had been chosen above some choirs with very high standards, the best in the area. We also enjoy it when new people join the choir, and people should contact us if they think they would enjoy it, and arrange to come and visit us. They would be very welcome.
A: What is the best thing about living in Staffordshire?
N: Everyone is so friendly! Recently I had a neighbour who came from Manchester, and her mother came for a visit. She just loved shopping in Silverdale because she thought everyone was so very friendly. It takes something like that to remind us how lucky we are!
If you can’t resist a good show tune, find out more about the Daleian Ladies Choir and other clubs in the area on the North Staffordshire local site. Silverdale a bit of trek for you? Then hold out for next week’s club, or find out what’s going on in your local area.
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