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Fracking In North Yorkshire?

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YaYaJen Tue 08-Oct-13 13:43:01

Did you know that DRILLING licences have already been issued for possible 'fracking' in the region are revealed today.

Gas companies have been awarded a dozen licences for shale gas in the North-East and North Yorkshire, mainly in constituencies held by Coalition MPs.

Locations licenced for potential fracking include:

•In the centre of the North York Moors National Park - south of Castleton.
•West of Scarborough - stretching across to Helmsley.
•West of Scalby
•Centred on Pickering, North Yorkshire.
•Northern edge of Malton, North Yorkshire
•Three licences north east of Malton.
•Two licences north west of Malton.
•Western edge of York - stretching north to Easingwold.
•Stretching east of Middlesbrough to the western edge of Redcar - covering South Bank, Grangetown and north of the River Tees.

If you live in and/or love the North York M oors and surrounding areas what do you think about them being fracked?


chiefbottlewasher Sat 12-Oct-13 09:20:33

This article busts some of the myths about wind power which is my preference over fracking which could have unforeseen consequences.

"“A survey (by market research company ICM) asked people if they would rather have wind power or fracking near their house and 67% said they would have a wind farm because there are all sorts of environmental problems with fracking and wind power is completely clean.”

Jeff Rice, from Huddersfield Greenpeace, agrees: “Fracking can potentially lead to problems of minor earthquakes and pollution of local water supplies, but the biggest issue is climate change.

“The UK is ideally placed for wind power. In a nutshell; a modern large turbine, like the new ones near Penistone, will provide electricity for around 1,000 homes per year from that year’s average wind speed. They pay back the energy that goes into making them in about six months. They are not noisy – go and visit one!”

YaYaJen Fri 18-Oct-13 13:59:20

Yorkshire Post reports on a new threat to the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors.

"The North York Moors is facing the biggest wave of development in its 61-year history from a series of multi-million pound gas and mineral mining schemes which are aiming to exploit reserves buried underground.

The latest proposed gas project, which is aiming to target a gas field which was mothballed in 1974, is expected to be given the go-ahead by the North York Moors National Park Authority this week. Advances in technology and a dramatic rise in the price of gas have prompted the decision to draw up plans to once again extract from gas reserves under Ebberston Moor, near Scarborough."

TV news just reported that the gas plan has got the go-ahead.

Yes, we need jobs and yes, we need fuel to sustain standards of living but in the North Yorks National Parks? What will the impact be?

YaYaJen Wed 05-Feb-14 10:35:07

"Large-scale fracking in the UK is not likely to lead to big reductions in household gas bills, Chancellor George Osborne has said."


Q&A All about fracking []

What are your thoughts on the North Yorkshire Moors being fracked?