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Saving our High Street

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GinnyTonic Fri 11-Oct-13 10:30:58

What do you think of the centre of Bolton these days? The council seem to recognise the problems and are offering incentives to businesses ( not bars or betting shops).
The recent WI meeting in the town discussed the issues
What do YOU think could be done?

whenim64 Mon 03-Feb-14 12:58:06

Hi Ginnytonic I visit Bolton about five times a year (lunch with friends in Beales) and it was quite a surprise to see so many large shops closed down, driving in from the motorway along the main road and up towards the market. It would be great to see a good old-fashioned town centre that's not comprised of all the usual chain store business, takeaways and taxi offices, but if there are enough shops for everyone couldn't some be converted to housing for small families and single people, with maybe a few corner shops amongst them? Having visited Bolton probation office every now and then before retiring, I was aware of the number of people with housing problems. Bolton has been such a thriving town and to see the deterioration on the high street is a shame.

In South Manchester, the first small retail park is being demolished. People living locally want local small shops, bakery, butchers, greengrocers etc. They can buy sofas and large white goods online, and weren't visiting. There's an old, established flour mill nearby and plans for an artisan co-operative bakery and catering business on the site of the retail park. I wonder if this is the start of a change to more such ventures.