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School transport

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diddleymaz Thu 07-Nov-13 09:59:50

BCBC are considering stopping all transport to Voluntary aided state schools, so if your family attends Archbishop McGrath, Archdeacon John Lewis, Pen-y-fai CinW, Sts Roberts, Marys and St Patricks and St Marys they will have to start getting there on their own. This means that for most families this will be impossible unless they can walk, as so many pupils at all the BCBC area schools especially the Comprehensives have to have transport because of the geography of the area even when they attend the 'local' default option this is a shocking idea and the savings would be tiny. The pupils would have to be transported to another comp in many cases.
Most importantly though such a move would take away the right to have your children educated in the way you choose. This is not only enshrined now in the much maligned Human Rights act, but has been the way of life in the UK for over 100 years and is probably illegal. Please join the campaign to Save Our School Buses. Will it be Welsh medium education next?