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Hello everyone!

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Duchessofherts Wed 20-Nov-13 17:58:13

I am hoping to get the Herts local Gransnet motivated! I am in Sawbridgeworth and I will be posting news, views and listings. If you are anywhere in Herts then please get in touch!
It would be great to get some discussions going on the forum, but also to share local information and perhaps organise some meetings so we can make new friends!
Hope to hear from someone soon!

Sparklegran Thu 02-Jan-14 08:29:46

Hi, I am a fairly new Grandparent (3rd August 2013) and will be looking after my granddaughter for one day a week from next week! This is fairly daunting and I am keen to get to know some other grandparents locally and I am sure some issues will come up. I am in Harpenden and am surprised there isn't more going on in Herts, well, that I have found so far.

Duchessofherts Sat 04-Jan-14 11:30:24

Hi Sparklegran
Congratulations on becoming a new gran! Good luck with the babysitting next week! I must admit, I found it much harder than being a mum! Let us know how you get on; we're here if you need any advice or just to let off steam!
I am in Sawbridgeworth so not very local to you, tho not a million miles away; but let's hope we can find some more Herts grans. I am trying to get a meeting organised in the Ware area; now Christmas is over hopefully we all have a bit more time and energy.

stacigran Sat 04-Jan-14 17:31:49

Hi.. I am new to Gransnet-only just found out about it! I'd like to meet other grans. I'm not far from Sawbridgeworth either so I would be willing.

Sparklegran Wed 15-Jan-14 11:29:16

Hi again
I survived the first very full day of looking after my grandaughter. Funnily enough both she and I slept through the night that night!
Yes Sawbridgeworth is a bit of a way so hopefully some grans near Harpenden will join. I have looked at various local baby and toddler groups round here and there is nothing on a Monday. I think I will have to start my own coffee morning.

Duchessofherts Fri 17-Jan-14 11:51:15

Well done for surviving the first day!! It is hard isn't it? But very rewarding! How old is your GD? I think that's a great idea to start your own coffee morning! A friend and I did that (many years ago) when there wasn't anything much happening in our town. It was very popular and we found that other mums were more than willing to chip in and help.n There's prob more red tape to contend with these days but it shouldn't be too difficult!

Sparklegran Fri 28-Mar-14 16:16:41

Sorry, seems I have been busy! I have now acquired an extra afternoon of looking after my GD, who is coming up for 8 months. She is very sweet but it is still hard work, although somehow it's easier to give up on trying do anything much in the way of housework while she is in my care, than when my own children were little. She is starting to get herself around now, albeit in an unconventional way, so will have to do a bit of childproofing. Wondering if I need a playpen and perhaps fence off a bit of garden to keep the dog away from the baby, or maybe the other way round! Must do something about a grans coffee morning before she grows up!

goldengirl Fri 28-Mar-14 16:32:17

Having just said goodbye to my youngest GS who is 16 months I can understand a bit of what you're feeling Sparklegran. I have him on Wednesdays so DD can do other things but I had him this afternoon as well so DD could go to GDs school concert. He's a good little chap but so active that I'm worn out - and I've got a paper to write for Tuesday. I think DD saw my face when she suggested I hang on to him whilst she took GD to Brownies. Luckily I found her car keys which GS had carefully put with the toys - she had to borrow my car to go to this concert - so Im in her good books. TGIF as my mother used to say grin