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CassieJ Mon 09-Dec-13 15:07:56

I have only just joined and not found my way round the site properly yet, but wondered if there is any sort of meet ups etc in the Uttoxeter area?
I would love to start meeting new people.

AnnB Mon 09-Dec-13 22:16:28

CassieJ - there is a site which covers meet ups in or near Uttoxeter. I hope you continue to look at both sites because I am sure you are interested in events all over Staffordshire, but it was rather too much work for us to cover the whole area. I'll draw the attention of the local editor to your request but obviously do feel free to come to Stone if it is near enough. The Editor in South Staffs has got tons of information on her site so there might well be over 50s clubs associated with local libraries or community centres, so look at the site under Social Groups (it comes about 3 headings under the Meet-Ups and you may find groups that meet regularly near you. Cheers AnnB