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Christmas Games for Children and Adults

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AnnB Mon 23-Dec-13 11:25:18

I am just starting this off with a couple of ideas I have found popular with 2 year olds and above and a large adult audience.
1) Blindfold (lightly) the children twirl them round and ask them to identify a face they can touch. (usually best to have Mummy or Daddy).
2) Tell adults you are dropping several items (a pen, an apple a cotton reel, scissors etc) on to a metal tray outside the room and they have to guess which one it is (they need a list of all the things but not in the right order) we found the babies enjoy guessing this one too (and older children)
3) Blindfold Mummies or carers and twirl them round then ask them to find the animal (a sheep, a cow, a dog, a pig etc) and get the children (and adults?) to make animal noises.
Any other ideas welcome!