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Cheshire Meet Up

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Weaver Tue 04-Feb-14 00:43:25

Where are the Cheshire Gransetters? Would you be up for a meeting in early March?

asper Fri 07-Mar-14 23:03:40

Have just discovered Cheshire Gransnetters. Can anyone tell me more ?

Weaver Sun 16-Mar-14 20:03:55

Welcome to Cheshire Gransnet Local. It's free to join.
Gransnet Local is a network of sites featuring the very best in your local community, as well as opportunities for gransnetters to meet up.
The main national Gransnet site launched in May 2011 and was described by the Telegraph as "a new dawn in grey power." The local sites are newer and some have been going longer than others.
Gransnet’s forums cover everything from politics to holidays, gardening to difficult daughters-in-law. We have recipes, product reviews and tips on everything from good grannying to great reads... and we feature regular webchats with politicians and experts, authors and celebrities.
Plus we have lots of great competitions every month with fantastic prizes.
You can sign up for a weekly newsletter from Gransnet and if you choose Cheshire Gransnet using the "My Sites" button on the local site you'll also receive the monthly local newsletter (via email.)
We'd love users to add their favourite events or businesses to their local site, and to join in on the forums, both national and local. We're a very friendly community.