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rosesarered Wed 26-Feb-14 14:30:24

Is there anyone in Oxfordshire who has been affected by the recent floods? They tend not to mention us on the news on tv, but I know a couple of villages near me that have been flooded recently.

FlicketyB Wed 26-Feb-14 16:02:33

Yes, All the roads in Steventon were flooded for three days and about half a dozen houses flooded.

I am out most mornings walking the village and its footpaths, weather permitting and I am finding that the footpaths are continuing to get more water logged even though the rain eased up a fortnight ago. One path that was passable a couple of weeks ago is now impassable and a barely passably one is now an impenetrable mire.

I have noted also that while the fields no longer have big puddles at their lowest points, the whole expanse of the fields now glistens with water that has filled every little hollow and furrow. Today walking past a downland field. it glistened like a diamond in the sun.

I was in York last week doing Grandma duty over half term. They have less flooding than usual. On the way home, via M25, M40 (for complicated reasons), as I drew closer to Oxfordshire the water began to appear in flooded fields, very wet fields and rivers way over their banks. After seeing relatively little water for nearly a week, the extent of the floods in Oxfordshire was only too clear.