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How we use our bus passes? (those of us who are lucky enough to be older!!!)

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AnnB Wed 19-Mar-14 12:10:59

We thought it might be interesting to hear stories of those of us who have travelled further afield on our free bus passes e.g. Chester or Shrewsbury? We used ours recently in Oxford to get to an exhibition from the station ..always grateful. Any comments please?

BPJ Sun 11-May-14 08:39:36

When we holiday in this country we always take our bus passes, we leave our car on the hotel carpark and use the bus, we have used them in Harrogate (all their buses have WiFi for those that are interested), Portatrick, Torquay and most recently Banbury. Shrewsbury did at one time allow you to park and ride with a bus pass but have now stopped it.
The service we used most was the X50 to Derby but it is now stopped, could it be that more people were shopping there than in Hanley?