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University Hospital of North Staffordshire -Let's join the survey!

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AnnB Sun 23-Mar-14 10:06:27

The University Hospital of North Staffordshire (sometimes know as the City General) is seeking comments on its standards and performance. There is a particular initiative to find out about the treatment of breast cancer, but they also want comments on all other services. We have been asked to help by posting any comments, favourable or unfavourable so that they can see our views. Please add your views.

Nelliemoser Sun 23-Mar-14 23:38:37

I have attended the pain clinic there for some years for treatment for back pain. This has been very helpful with the problem but it needs "topping up."

I have always found the staff helpful and efficient. It has been better since they moved to the new treatment unit, from the old North Staffs Infirmary site last year.
These facilities are much improved and this allows for a faster turnover for treatments.

All the staff in the pain clinic are very helpful, and were very accommodating last year when in a "senior moment" I missed an appointment, by just having it in my head it was the day after I should have attended.

My only complaint is that the waiting room chairs are not very well designed for good posture.

I am quite short and the waiting room seats seem to be designed for one size fits all, usually those with long thighs.

They look "laid back" and relaxing, but that angle is one that really causes my back to twinge. The seats are generally quite low and the angle of the seat does not allow for hips to be higher than knees, so unless I can borrow an office style chair from a member of staff (who have kindly let me do this) I find myself standing up most of the time to avoid back pain.
A bigger range in size and shape of waiting room seating would be very helpful.