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Swimming Pool at Rushcliffe Leisure Centre

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FuchsiaJuliet Thu 27-Mar-14 19:37:20

Hello, I am new to Gransnet and just wondered whether anyone is interested in the West Bridgford swimming pool campaign? I am one of three grandparents who have started this campaign. The wonderful swimming pool at Rushcliffe Leisure Centre (which I used with my daughters and now with my grandchildren) is to be closed and replaced with a rectangular lane swimming pool. Our campaign is to get the Council to look again at the design of the new pool and provide it with really good facilities for young children and families. We have a petition and a facebook page. I won't go into more detail here, but if anyone lfrom West Bridgford or the wider Rushcliffe area would like to know more, or to get involved, please reply.

Granissima Thu 27-Mar-14 20:23:00

Hi . I had heard rumours about this and feel sad about the new plans. Although I've always lived North of the city , we used to take our girls there when they were children and they really enjoyed the unusual layout of the pool. It is 'such a shame that the local Authorities constantly want to make changes to something which isn't 'broken'.

FuchsiaJuliet Fri 28-Mar-14 21:24:30

Thanks for your comments Granissima, and interestingly that's exactly how we started using the Rushcliffe pool. We lived north of city too and I used to get the bus over with my two girls. Then we moved to West Bridgford and now I take the grandchildren there. I can't ask you to sign the petition as the Council will only accept Rushcliffe residents/workers/student as signatories. But if you know anyone who lives in Rushcliffe please let them know, and feel free to like our Facebook page: Keep Family Friendly Swimming in West Bridgford,