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Where is everyone?

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pkeith2 Mon 31-Mar-14 15:21:48

I though there were loads of Grandparents in devon. Where are you all?

Pinballwizz Mon 07-Apr-14 15:57:43

Caught in a sub-space anomaly on the fringes of the known universe, Captain?

geeljay Wed 16-Apr-14 00:33:12

Just to keep the noticeboard rolling. Though I write, we come as a pair. Only recently discovered the site, and know several grandparents in the area. Not too many use a pc. I am the toolshed version, though OH puts in her twopen'orth when she sees I am on a site. We are going to France shortly, and when we discovered the site asked for info, and was rewarded on Gransnet with lots of valuable info. Its only perusing the site that I have discovered that local areas are covered, too. My children are mostly granparents themselves, and I will spread the word. I am desperately trying to rebuild my fence at present, and trying to get things around the garden shipshape, before we go away. We are both retired hoteliers, having moved to Devon from the Midlands, about 35 years back. Nearly Devonians now! So I thought this post just might provoke some conversation. We normally holiday in the UK, so much we have yet to see. Both pretty active, fortunately, so we will join in any conversations going.

Pinballwizz Wed 16-Apr-14 09:10:37

Bienvenue! Have a great holiday in France. As ex-hoteliers perhaps you could give us a review of your hotel when you return?

geeljay Wed 16-Apr-14 18:40:39

We have opted for a caravan in the Vendee (10 days) Then up to Brittany for 7 days. Then home. I will put on here our observations and try to make it interesting. We like the freedom in a static, but will be trying some of the eateries.

Allotmenteer Thu 02-Oct-14 07:42:15

Hello, this thread seems to have died a death, is there no one out there?
I'm new to Gransnet & would like to become more involved. My new grandson lives in Exeter, I live near Newton Abbot. What do we need to do to make this site work?

Piscesmaiden Mon 30-Apr-18 11:38:06

Hi there

I am new here and based in Exeter 😁

barbriam Tue 01-May-18 16:30:02

Hi folks. If you look under the next heading on the Devon Local board "Am I the only gran in Devon" you will see I have recently piggybacked on this earlier message thread as I am fairly new and wasn't sure how to go about starting a new post. We are arranging a meet up in Exeter at the Mill on the Exe on Monday 14th May for anyone interested in coming. A handful of us are hopefully going to be there around 12.30 and it would be good to see some more Devon grans. If this doesn't make sense at all feel free to personal message me. Best wishes.