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Meet Up Monday 12th May Potters' Club

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AnnB Sat 05-Apr-14 20:07:45

Our second meet-up will be lunch at the Potters Club! An exclusive meeting place at the top of Federation House almost opposite Stoke Station (facing the North Staffordshire Hotel it is on your left 2 buildings along opposite the taxi rank). Go round to the back of the building use that entrance and take the lift to the top floor. For those that do not know it, they do lovely catering, lunch will cost you about £7 or £8 depending on what you choose and Ann will buy everyone a coffee after (accompanied by hand made chocolates usually!!) Please come and try it, I don't have to persuade those who have been before. It used to be the the stomping ground of the wealthy in Stoke, and retains its own special atmosphere, but it is now affordable for a lot more people comparing favourably with gym membership. Lynn Sumner is inviting us but we'll probably need to know numbers the week before. Reply on this thread or email [email protected]
You'll love the experience!

AnnB Wed 16-Apr-14 16:43:25

Friday 16th May 12.30pm: All change, fortunately no responses or wide publicity yet. Our lunch will be on Friday (The Potters Club is closed on Mondays how could we overlook that?!) 12.30pm in the Potters' Club on the top floor of Federation House on Station Road Stoke-on-Trent. (across the road from the taxi rank). The lift is at the back of the building and there is usually plenty of car parking space at the back, if that is needed.
See above for a description but it is a lovely venue for our Meet Up email us on [email protected] or reply on this thread./ Let us know by 12th May so we can book a table. Please please come if you can, and let me know if anyone needs a lift there and back, I'm up for that!

AnnB Fri 25-Apr-14 14:34:26

Final CERTAIN date for our Meet Up is Thursday 15th May at 12 noon. (do come and meet in the bar at 11.45am if you can do that). It's at the Potters' Club in Federation House (top floor) opposite the taxi rank at Stoke Station. The lunch will cost you £7-9 depending on what you choose and we'll pay for a coffee for everyone after. Please let us know either by Inbox on this site to AnnB, or email [email protected] . We'd love to see you there and the Potters' Club is a lovely venue if you've never seen it before!

AnnB Thu 08-May-14 17:17:58

See 15th May please come to lunch! This is the time Thursday 15th May 12 noon, we hope to see you there!