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60 years plus married? HRH The Queen wants to know!

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Wallygrom Tue 08-Apr-14 11:13:39

Have you or someone you know been married for 60 years plus? Did you know HRH The Queen sends out congratulatory messages for anniversaries as well as some special birthdays? You have to apply, however its a lovely thing to receive - check out this >>

PRINTMISS Tue 08-Apr-14 16:44:32

We had a card for our 60th wedding anniversary 2 years ago. It does take some getting Wallygrom, details of where and when of the wedding day - my daughter knew when we were married, but had no idea where, not sure why that was, I suppose we had just assumed she would know. She had to ask her aunt (because she wanted to keep it a surprise, and the postman wanted to know what we were doing receiving a letter from Buckingham Palace!). It is a lovely thing to have, and held pride of place at our party alongside the cake and our book of memories. I think you can apply for one at 65 years also, but we are not holding our breath!

Wallygrom Mon 14-Apr-14 10:27:54

That sounds lovely PRINTMISS and not something that everyone can say they have for certain! congratulations!! smile