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Wallygrom Sun 04-May-14 19:39:40

Welcome to your Gransnet Wiltshire site. I am the new local editor for the whole area and will be taking over the site fully by the end of May and will be starting to populate it. I also edit the Bath site so quite a lot of work for me to do (AND I work full time still) so please dont expect miracles immediately, as it will take me some time to get things up and running, however, I think we all as Gransnetters could promote Gransnet to people in our local areas to get more interest....I will of course be working on this but as its a large area I can only do so much. It would be really useful if any of you who are interested could PM me with your address and I would be more than happy to pop some posters in the post for you to perhaps drop into your local libraries, corner shop, GP surgeries etc. - that way you may also get other more 'local to you' people joining up. If you have any suggestions for the site I would be more than happy to hear them and I will pass these on to GN.

You may have noticed in the latest Gransnet Newsletter that Gransnetters have been asked to take part in a survey to find out what you would like to see in YOUR local Gransnet. Please take part if you haven't already. The success of our local site, Gransnet Wiltshire, depends on how useful and interesting you find it, and that depends on input. If you have an upcoming event in your village or town, please add it to our listings. Maybe there is a regular club you could add. Is there a local trader you think it would benefit others to know about? Someone whose services goes that extra mile? Does your local have regular "specials" nights or senior citizen special lunches etc? It's quite straightforward to add a listing. There's a blue box "Add a Listing" - publicise your local event or give your favourite shop a boost!

Wiltshire is a big area to cover but between us all we could make it a really useful resource. The same goes for the Forum. It's our space to chat about anything that interests or concerns us. We have a few links going at the moment but add your own if you have something to share. Just dive in. Let's make our Gransnet Wiltshire a place you want to keep your eye on! smile

Litetiger Thu 17-Nov-16 11:37:49

Hello there, is there any one to read this?

loopylou Fri 18-Nov-16 11:03:52

I'm in Wiltshire but that's as far as it goes I think!