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jesper Thu 29-Dec-16 17:47:40

Hullo Guadeloupe

I'm on here after a long absence...have you found things for your grandchildren to do.

Whereabouts are you I'm in Aylestone Park Leicester.

I've missed out on summer holidays but are you still looking for things for the children to do?


Guadeloupe Sat 03-Sep-16 22:48:41

I'm looking after my 2 young grandchildren quite a bit because their mum has a recurrent mental illness. Although we get by, I do find the long summer holidays pretty isolating, both for myself and my 5 year old grandson. I wish I could find him a friend to play with ! Do other grandparents have this need ?

jesper Sun 11-May-14 17:04:28

The Leicester Mercury has very good coverage on What's On in the Leicester area, in their daily newspaper (not on Sundays) and focus a lot on Family, activities that children can take part in and do. Sport , with the Leicester City being promoted, Rugby, cricket .basket ball , athletics and many others are all covered weekly on their sports pages. People interested in Genealogy often feature on the letters page with their requests for information. Mr Leicester covers much of the history of the town.

We sometimes receive the Leicester Link, a City Council newsletter , again with much local information.

Leicester is a very cosmopolitan city , many different nationalities live here and seemingly intermingle well. There are ,of course, a few upsets which our local police do well to control. Leicester has a very low national crime rate and the force works well with the community.

We are well supplied with theatres and cinemas which are well supported .