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Libby156 Mon 12-May-14 15:52:48

Hello everyone - I would love to have the opportunity to give either a child or children the chance to enjoy the relationship of having a granny in their lives. So many children don't have this blessing. I am already a granny to a lovely baby girl and the relationship we already have is second to none - I would love the chance to extend this to another child or children who aren't so fortunate.

I am 55 years old, recently widowed, but have so much love and fun to give! Whether it's making home-made playdough, painting, going for walks or outings, watching films together, picnics, playing with make-up, playing car games, Lego, the list is endless - there's so much fun to be had!

Obviously checks and references would be necessary and I would be happy to provide anything that would help in this way. We have to keep everything safe and secure for babies and children in today's World. I worked in the Care Sector for many years, have three grown-up children of my own, so I have vast experience raising children and of course now as a granny too!

I live in Fareham, Hampshire and have loads of time on my hands now and would love to hear from any parents who aren't in the fortunate position of having parents themselves and would like to "adopt" me as a granny to their child or children. I would be happy to provide any information required. I don't mind if the grandchild or grandchildren are babies, toddlers or children of any age, my heart and home is open to them all!

Please give my message some thought - there isn't enough fun and love in the World today and hopefully I can make a small difference there. I am not ready to hang up my knitting yet, nor do I wear wrinkly Nora Batty type stockings, I am full of fun and love life, love music and generally have the philosophy that each day is a blessing and there to be enjoyed!

Hope to hear from any interested parents soon!

Portsmouth Fri 29-Apr-16 14:25:23

Hi Libby, did you get adopted since your last message?