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Duchessofherts Fri 23-May-14 10:31:00

Hello everyone in Herts! Would you like to meet up with others in your local area? Make new friends, have a chat over coffee or a leisurely country pub lunch, cinema, theatre or musueums? Join us now.....everyone welcome!smile

Duchessofherts Thu 29-May-14 19:24:28

We have arranged our next get together for Thursday 10th June, probably at Pearces Farm shop cafe, which is on the A10 at Puckeridge. ( about 5 miles from Ware and Bishop's Stortford, 3 miles from Buntingford. Very approx mileage just to give you an idea of the location!)
Everyone is welcome! Just reply to this message, we would love to meet new people.....we will have lunch and chat; it is very relaxed!! smile

RuthieNeill Fri 04-Jul-14 23:46:10

Missed meeting on 10th June. Would love to meetup. Anything else in pipe line. Live in North Herts. New to this!

Duchessofherts Tue 08-Jul-14 12:31:11

Hi RuthieNeill, welcome! We have not arranged another meeting but we will be doing so very soon so I hope you can make this one. A couple of the grans were from a more northerly Herts direction so we were thinking of having the next meet up more that way, which may suit you better.
I hope you are enjoying Gransnet. The forums can be fun and there is always lots of info and news! As I am the local editor for the Herts area please do let me know if there is anything you would like to see on our page.
Hope to see you soon!