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Tax Help for Older People

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JacquelineTaxVol Fri 30-May-14 13:30:43

Are you worried about your tax? Are you paying the right amount? Are you having problems approaching HM Revenue & Customs? Are you confused by your tax code or a tax demand?

We probably all harbour the ideal that as we grow older our affairs will become simpler to manage. Unfortunately for many this is not the reality, and in particular where personal taxation is concerned.

Do you know about Tax Help for Older People?

It is a free service provided by a charity and is for all older people (approaching or over 60) who have a net household income of less than £20000.

Our advisers are friendly and fully trained in personal tax. They do their best to avoid jargon! Many problems can be dealt with over the phone but if you need to see someone face to face we can arrange a local appointment, somewhere convenient to you (or at your home if you are housebound). We have arrangements
with organisations in Northampton, Daventry, and Kettering to use their confidential meeting rooms but might be able to find somewhere closer to you if these are not convenient.

If you think our service might help just give us a ring Monday-Friday, 9-5 on 0845 6013321 or 01308 488066. It doesn't have to be a big problem to deserve our help, we are happy just to check things if that is what you would like.

We are independent of HMRC, a registered charity and our service is accredited by the Advice Quality Standard. If you have not heard of us before do have a look at our website We work with CABx and Age UK, as well as other agencies who trust and use us.
We look forward to talking to you.

12Michael Fri 05-Sep-14 10:23:01

I have used this its worth as I was paying more tax than I need have , and THFOP sorted it they seem to be able to get the Tax Office quicker than having to use numbers yourself to get a human voice.
recommend it.