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how would you describe yourself ?

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madcatlady Sat 31-May-14 03:19:09

Looking at the meet up thread wondered what we would have in common apart from location and maybe age lol.

Thought we could find out ...

As my name suggests I am owned by some cats.. some long term, some short as I foster for a cat rescue organisation. Currently 10 lol. Also have 2 rescue dogs and 2 rescue horses. I work with people with learning difficulties.

I involved with panto in winter and geocaching in summer.

elvira Wed 19-Nov-14 11:21:30

I enjoy writing, gardening and bag-making. I don't share my house with any animals at the moment although I would like to have a dog. I work with a charity for families who have suffered domestic abuse.

Which Panto are you involved in this year and what on earth is geocachingconfused?