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never2old Fri 13-Jun-14 16:23:54

Ugh, Friday 13th. Should have known. After Microsoft downloaded its regular security updates last night, my laptop closed down and off I went to bed. Got up this morning, and even though my laptop battery has seen better days I knew it should be charged up enough to use without plugging in.

So switched it on, said it was configuring updates, so off I went to make a brew, came back, shock it had turned itself off mid reconfiguring because the battery obviously wasn't as charged up as I thought.

So have spent the rest of the day messing around because it could not pick up any wi-fi connections at all, nothing, nobody out there, dead.

Thanks to my hubby and some patience it's all sorted and back up and running but - what do you do when doom strikes and your computer stops working. You've done ctr+alt+delete, you've switched it off and back on, still not working, now what?

Do you know of a shop in the area that had you back up and running at a reasonable price? Please share them by listing them on the site and telling us in a review how they saved your day and made you happy again. Or perhaps you own your own computer repair business and know a Trojan when you see one. Either way, a good computer technician is always handy to know.