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Is all of this sport on TV driving you crazy?

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Fontana Wed 25-Jun-14 21:54:55

I'm getting a bit fed up with the World Cup now, especially as England are out of it...I like tennis so Wimbledon is OK....are you a sport lover or hater?

contrarymary Fri 04-Jul-14 17:27:17

Actually, I like both sports in moderation. At the moment it is a bit over the top so I'm using the time when I'd be glued to my favourite progs. such as Pointless, to enjoy the lovely weather and train my new puppy. Everything has a siver lining!sunshine

Fontana Sat 12-Jul-14 21:41:19

I am using my time catching up on some commissioned paintings for a client - football drives me crazy!

Lilygran Sun 13-Jul-14 08:50:50

Hello, Dorset! I don't so much mind sport on BBC 1&2 and ITV all day and evening every day because I know it's there and I can avoid it. But why is the news and the local news all about sport as well?

Fontana Mon 28-Jul-14 20:16:25

You are so right about that!! My husband holds the remote in his hand at all times and flips between one sport channel and the next!!