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moonshine Mon 28-Jul-14 20:57:42

Anyone grow their own?

My husband is growing his own cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and strawberries this year for the first time. It's brilliant watching them grow, what else is easy to grow for beginners? What do you grow?

rubylady Tue 29-Jul-14 07:28:02

Hi Moonshine I have grown strawberries for the last three years. I got more on the last two years so if your husband's plants don't do so well in the first year, please persevere, there will be more in time. On strawberry plants, the plant itself is said to last three years and then you need to plant new ones. I don't know about others as this is all I have done but I would love to grow more of my own stuff. I did do potatoes once and it was like finding gold when it came to digging them up. I thought I was the first person to discover them! So satisfying and better for you. Good luck to hubby. smile

moonshine Tue 29-Jul-14 16:28:19

Thank you! I think the cucumbers are the most amazing so far, we didn't realise they were there as they were tucked under some leaves, a lovely surprise.

Good to know that about the strawberries as we haven't had many this year.
If you like runner beans and tomatoes then they are fun to grow