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Possible Autumnal Meetup

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Wallygrom Mon 01-Sep-14 21:48:53

hi all. As your new editor I would love to be able to meet up with all of you, however I understand we are all in far flung places across the county so would propose perhaps a few smaller meet ups for those who don't want to/ are unable to travel far and then perhaps we could consider a bigger meet up perhaps next Spring somewhere central? Let me know your views - I am certainly very happy to consider hosting or arranging a meet up for the mid-northern part of Somerset, perhaps in Taunton or Weston Super Mare, or even Glastonbury or Street. I have put together a survey which I hope you would be kind enough to complete, which will give me an idea of what people want/are able to do in relation to something in this area. Sadly as I work full time I am only able to consider Saturdays however that doesn't stop you have your own meet ups during the week of course!.I would really appreciate it if you would be able to complete this by the end of September and I will publish results in the first week of October - thanks!
Please click on this link to take the survey:

Evenstar Thu 04-Sep-14 18:33:20

Hi. I would love to get to a meet up but we do carnival and are busy every Sat now until the end of Nov. I shall aim for a spring one though smile

Sandy217 Tue 16-Sep-14 13:58:41

I filled in the survey smile but I don't mind any place to meet up, or any of the Saturdays either ...

Wallygrom Wed 17-Sep-14 18:14:56

fab thanks all - it would be great if more people could complete the survey as it will give me a much better idea of whats good for people and when - if you havent done it yet, here is the link again just in case you missed it:

Wallygrom Tue 23-Sep-14 19:15:29

I have been sourcing some tea rooms and I think this one hits the spot for a meet up as to date everyone has said Taunton - let me know what you think! Its central in the high street so accessible for those needing to use public transport. So far it looks like there are only 5 of us interested with the either Saturday 11th or 25th being the most popular. I am actually now going to be in Majorca for 11th so would ask if you could let me know if 25th is a good one and we can set a time if you are all in agreement?
I would suggest perhaps mid morning? Say 10.30 or 11ish?
Let me have your views

SueD Tue 23-Sep-14 21:16:01

Hi Dee - sorry I cannot make 25th but can do 11th. Already committed that day to an event until 3.30pm and then have daughter and three DGC arriving around 5ish to stay for a week. Have fun!

Wallygrom Thu 25-Sep-14 18:25:41

Thats a shame Sue - will try and get another one in before we all get too busy for christmas!!

Wallygrom Fri 03-Oct-14 20:11:42

Saturday 25th October 10.30am Mr Miles TeaRooms, 3/4 High Street, Taunton - look forward to see you there!!!

Sandy217 Mon 06-Oct-14 17:27:25

Hi Dee, at the moment I can make 25th so will look forward to meeting you all there. I'll let you know if I'm not going to be able to make it smile

Wallygrom Sun 19-Oct-14 08:58:55

Just a reminder that its our meet up this coming Saturday 25th October at 10.30 at Mr Miles Tearooms 3-4 High Street, Taunton - look forward to seeing some of you there. I am going to try and ring them to see if I can reserve a table for 6 and it will be in my name Dee Griffiths - they may not let me but will see.......if not I will try and grab a big table when I get there - I am aiming to be there early so willl try and make it obvious its for Gransnet!

middleagespread Fri 24-Oct-14 15:46:20

Mother-in-law admired my new blouse then told me she had just bought one just the same.She's 94! I smiled of course and said "Good Choice" but I'm never wearing mine again.Wish I could join all you ladies at Mr Miles on Saturday 25th but I don't have a thing to wear!

Sandy217 Sat 25-Oct-14 08:39:39

ha ha ha brilliant. Wish you were too. Perhaps another time smile

Wallygrom Sat 25-Oct-14 15:43:26

Thanks so much Sandy for taking the trouble to come along this morning to the meet up - such a shame that no-one else did however. Lovely to see you but a long 30 miles for me to go for a cuppa and a chat (though I did do Lakeland, Debenhams and that cook shop you recommended - got everything I wanted in there and could have got a LOT of things I didn't really want today too! lol) - hope you managed to get your bit of retail therapy done too! :-) It appears that perhaps Saturdays are not convenient perhaps for many people and because I work full time still, I am unable to organise meet ups during the week unless people would like a trip out to Bath! If Gransnetters would like weekday meet ups, however, there is no reason why these can't be arranged between you.
Thanks again and look forward to seeing you again sometime

SueD Sun 26-Oct-14 14:35:25

So sorry more ladies didn't go to the meet up yesterday and sorry I was unable to make it. The most we have managed so far is three people but there must be lots of Gransnetters in Somerset who would love to meet up.

What about lunch on a weekday some time before Christmas? I am around until 8Th December when we take off for Ireland. After Christmas we are off to New Zealand for two months so won't be around until towards the end of March - soooo looking forward to that!��