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A reunited Cheshire. Would you welcome it?

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Weaver Sun 14-Sep-14 14:08:47

Michael Jones, leader of Cheshire East council, is calling for the two Cheshire councils to be reunited. He claims it could reduce council tax bills in Cheshire by about £100 a year. However, Mike Jones of Cheshire West and Chester council says the idea "complete nonsense".
BBC news article
What do you think?

Weaver Sun 14-Sep-14 14:37:00

I was never in favour of splitting the county into two in 2009. Introducing unitary authorities was a good thing, but the County Council could have absorbed the district council functions without splitting the county into two.
Many of the IT functions are already shared. Why persist with two halves?

Nelliemoser Sun 14-Sep-14 20:06:02

It is a big pity it was ever separated, have we finished paying for that yet? The expenses of separating were appalling. Cheshire East decided to re-brand it's self completely at great cost.

They wasted spent massive amounts of money refurbishing Macclesfield Town hall all new furniture, no coats to be visible. Silly cupboards in which you were supposed to hang you outside coats were not big enough for the staff needing them.
Tidy minimalist offices were the idea. Paperless, soulless offices which for the job I was doing was impossible.

There are some functions are still joint as in libraries and Pensions and probably computer systems.

The costs of putting it back together would be horrendous. These costs would have to be set against the alleged £100 a year council tax savings.