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Allotmenteer Thu 02-Oct-14 07:49:32

Hello, I have an allotment - no surprise there with my nickname - anyway I really need to get myself a strimmer before the weeds take over. There is no power, it needs to be easy to start & not too heavy. I've been lent a small battery one but it's not man enough for the job. Does anyone have any suggestions please? ��

grannyactivist Thu 16-Oct-14 23:59:44

I'm fortunate that I not only have a wonderful father in law, but he comes complete with a petrol strimmer and the will to do the job on my behalf. grin
One of our fellow allotmenteers has tried to do us a favour by putting carpet strips along many of the pathways, but it looks terribly unsightly and is becoming a serious trip hazard now that we have wet weather and leaves making it slippery.

Allotmenteer Fri 17-Oct-14 19:47:19

The man with the allotment next to mine strimmed mine for most of this year because I was on crutches for a lot of the time. It looked lovely, so now I feel that I can't let the side down next year. I know what you mean about allotments looking unsightly though, the one on the other side of me hasn't been worked at all this year & it's looking a real mess. Even allotment holders have to have some standards wink