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"Geordie" is a state of mind and not a geographic location.

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trisher Fri 03-Oct-14 15:56:13

I've lived up here for almost 40 years, sometimes I feel really part of the area and other times I find myself feeling absolutely a stranger. Apart from the language- which I can understand but still not speak properly (my kids laugh when I try to speak in a Geordie accent) , -I think this is a fantastic place to live. Newcastle is a great city with wonderful shops, good theatres and lots to see and do. Northumberland and Durham have great countryside. But of course I am not really a Geordie if you believe it is your birthplace that counts. What do other people think? Does my long residency and my enthusiasm for the area make me a Geordie or not?

rizzy Fri 03-Oct-14 16:10:47

I left 47 years ago and although I lived south for a few years and then settled in the North West I still have a slight accent and consider myself a Geordie through and through.....When people ask where I am from when I'm travelling I never know whether to say Newcastle or Manchester.

etheltbags1 Sun 06-Dec-15 09:24:23

Im a Northumbrian, born in Morpeth and lived about 15 miles from Newcastle. However I think of myself as a Geordie.
'EE hinny, ahm a Geordie lass'.
Sadly for my work I have to lose the accent and speak 'properly' but when I get home I revert to being me again.

MiniMouse Sun 06-Dec-15 14:48:31

My OH is a Geordie, who's lived down South for over thirty years. He still sounds Geordie, though it's mellow compared with the Geordies 'back home'. He's got Newcastle in him like writing through a stick of rock!

etheltbags1 Black and white or red and white? wink grin

TriciaF Sun 06-Dec-15 18:44:14

I've got that feeling too -I was born and grew up in Blyth, just north of Newcastle, so always thought of myself as a Geordie.
Sometimes I need to ring the Pension Service in Longbenton, and I just relish the pleasure of listening to a Tyneside accent.
I've been back many times and hope to return to live there one day - you never know.

etheltbags1 Mon 07-Dec-15 09:16:08

Minniemouse, neither I cant stand football, sorry to offend anyone but I just don't like sport of any sort so a roar of 'Howay the lads' doesn't turn me on.