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What are you reading?

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elvira Mon 01-Dec-14 13:47:28

Have you any reading recommendations for us GN's over the winter months?

I've just starting 'Word on the Street' by Romy Wood: 'A darkly comic reflection on homelessness, life writing and dermatology hmm.' 'It's about what separates people, and what joins them: courage, resistance, self-sacrifice, humour and friendship.'

Contrary to appearances, this is a very, very funny book, with a very current theme and the central character, Shona, is compelling in her 'take' on life'. If anyone wants to read this so we can discuss it together in the forum, or meet up for a book-group coffee brew and chat cupcake, please let me know.

Or suggest something that has moved or inspired or outraged you or made you laugh.

lizziebluestocking Thu 12-Feb-15 20:01:05

Belatedly found your post. Guess you've finished 'Word on the Street'. I'd be interested in a book-group.

elvira Fri 27-Feb-15 10:30:31

Hi Lizziebluestocking

I guess the clue's in the name, eh? I, too, love reading and writing. If you fancy reading 'Word on the Street' we could make that our first book for and I can put it in the Newsletter (I'm up for reading it again). And we could keep it on-line or meet up, depending on enthusiasm!

(Newsletter due out first week in March)