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Recycling Christmas Presents

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Wallygrom Mon 05-Jan-15 12:37:31

Having received a couple of presents this year from people to whom I have previously given them, I felt a little bit hurt that clearly they didnt like them enough to keep them for themself but worse still to return them to ME the person who gave them to them a couple of years later.
How do YOU feel about recycling presents? Is it the done thing? I have done it in the past but made a note of who bought me what to ensure I didnt return the present to the person who originally gave it to me. More latterly I have donated unwanted presents to a nursing home whom I know operate raffles throughout the year as fund raising activities for their residents to take them out on day trips, get entertainers in etc. What do you do with your unwanted presents?

Igranma Mon 09-Mar-15 17:51:23

I had a M&S vase given me one year which I had given them the year before it was full of toiletries when I gave it though.��