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Monthly tea parties for the elderly - Volunteer Hosts required

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sdavies1997 Sun 11-Jan-15 12:09:35

Would you like to host a tea party for elderly people in your home? We ask you to host a tea party ONCE A YEAR, but you are of course welcome to hold it more often if you wish! Many older people feel isolated, so a trip to see new people and make friends makes a great difference. Once a month, on a Sunday afternoon, a small group of volunteer drivers (3-4) pick up 6-8 older people and together they visit a volunteer host for afternoon tea for a couple of hours. It is the same drivers and members that get together each month and they go to the home of a different host each month, but visit them year after year. The older people are over 75, live alone and don't have anyone to share thoughts with, so for them these regular outings are a real lifesaver, and you will have as much fun as them. It is a great opportunity to involve the whole family as the hosts will join in the conversations and laughter!