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Re-Opening of the River Roch

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never2old Mon 26-Jan-15 15:51:54

It's been nothing if not controversial amongst the Rochdale community. Work is however due to start in February of this year on re-opening the historic river that runs beneath the town centre with a £1.2 million cash injection from the Heritage lottery fund.

What do you think? A good move or a waste of money. Personally I would say it can only enhance the area, its going ahead now so complaining about it won't change anything. I can think of better things that amount of money could be spent on but it's coming from a heritage fund, it's not as if the money is all coming out of the general council pot. Many people say Rochdale is already finished and this is throwing good money after bad but what's the alternative. To just stand and do nothing is defeatist, we have a town so why not try to make the best of it.

callgirl1 Wed 09-Aug-17 16:36:13

Hi, I lived in and around Rochdale and Heywood from 1956 until 1977, when we moved over to Lincolnshire. We`ve been back a few times visiting family, but only to Heywood or Bury, not Rochdale. The other day, I took a look on Google Streetview at Rochdale, and can honestly say that if I went now, I`d be lost as soon as I moved from the environs of the town hall and the head post office, where I used to work. Where has Lord Street gone, and Toad Lane doesn`t look anything like the place where I walked every morning on my way to school. Has the original Equitable Pioneers building been transplanted in a different area completely, because that` the only bit of Toad Lane I could find, and it looks a lot posher than I remember? Seeing the River Roch going through the town is nice, but unreal, I just remember it flowing at the side of the Yelloway garage, which is apparently no longer there. Pleased to see Ellen Smith`s are still going strong.