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time to help others/new mums need help

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Ruby6918 Mon 26-Jan-15 23:09:27

i was reading and watching a few things about young mums recently and families sadly no longer through various reasons may not be able to step in as it was some years ago, i have 3 children and had no mum or dad and no grandparents to help out it was extremely difficuly as well as working, having a partner, cleaning and the lot, once my kids had got up a bit i found myself with a bit of time on my hands and i had lost a prem baby before so i decided to volenteer for tiny life - a charity that offers help and support to mums when they get home after the baby is well enough and mum to get home, myself & the family built up a great bond and i really enjoyed helping out, mum got a break and i was there about 4 hours a week, but id say that if you have time on your hands look into helping people who are a bit isolated or struggling, you will be screened by the police and have to do a wee course and the process takes time buts really worth it, NEW YEAR,HELP OTHERS