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Spring Meetup?

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Wallygrom Sat 07-Feb-15 08:48:07

hi all, hope you are all keeping well. Would be lovely if we could arrange a meet up in the Spring - are you up for it? Was thinking perhaps it might be nice just after Easter when hopefully the weather is a bit better and everyone is happier to get out and about.

I am also going to suggest Taunton again as its central to the geographical area and is suited to most members. Instead of going centrally into town I was going to suggest a meet up at Taunton Wyevale Garden Centre which is just on the A38 out of town but has a nice restaurant and also gives you the opportunity to have a look round and get those plants/bulbs etc ready for the gardening season! Here is the link to the website so you can see whats there>

Please let me have your thoughts and if you are up for it! I am suggesting Saturday 11th or Saturday 18th at around 10.30am
thanks :-)

SueD Sat 07-Feb-15 09:07:04

Hi Dee
I would prefer Monkton Elm garden centre -craft, garden centre, gifts plus restaurant and coffee shop. Last time I went to Wyevale I thought it was a poor comparison to Monkton Elm.
Either date ok for me.

Sent from very sunny New Zealand!!

Sandy217 Sun 08-Feb-15 10:40:49

Monkton Elm is nice smile

Wallygrom Fri 13-Feb-15 19:13:31

Monkton Elm is fine by me - easy enough for people to get to in the same way I would think.
Hope you are enjoying NZ SueD!!!

SueD Thu 26-Feb-15 05:37:54

Having a great time here in NZ. The weather has been so warm I am almost dreading coming back to the UK. Still another three weeks. Hope the spring flowers gangster on until then as I have missed seeing them

SueD Thu 26-Feb-15 05:38:48

Hang not gangsters!

Wallygrom Mon 02-Mar-15 18:03:58

hiya all
Shall we set a date for 11th April then? 10.30am?

SueD Fri 13-Mar-15 04:31:09

Have my diary herein New Zealand so will make a note!

Wallygrom Sat 28-Mar-15 11:48:54

Dont forget we have our local meet up coming up on Saturday 11th April Monkton Elm Garden Centre just outside Taunton - their fill address is Monkton Heathfield, Taunton Somerset, TA2 8QN. I would suggest we meet at the entrance of the Four Seasons Restaurant at 10.30 if thats ok with everyone? Looking forward to it!

Evenstar Wed 01-Apr-15 20:36:43

If I didn't have my daughter in tow I would join you as I live in Taunton smile Another time x

Wallygrom Wed 08-Apr-15 18:01:19

hi all
I am really sorry to advise that despite my best intentions of attending with my friend on Saturday, I have arrived home from work today to find a long awaited hospital appointment for Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre for Saturday 11th April at 10.30! Would you believe it? I didnt even realise they did Saturday sessions!
Anywaym I dont know how many people will still be attending, but of course you dont need me there to meet each other, so I hope that some of you still get together as planned.
I will try and arrange another one for June time. x