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Are there any meet ups in West Sussex?

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Grandma2Two Thu 26-Mar-15 09:26:22

Hello-I have posted on here-but it appears that meet up posts seem to be from quite a while ago-so my question is, are there any current meet up groups happening?
If so-I would love to join you please.

Elegran Thu 26-Mar-15 21:08:34

You'd probably do better posting on the main GN forum, Grandma2two More people read that!

MiniMouse Fri 27-Mar-15 00:17:43

Grandma2two - our area seems to be a little 'unenthusiastic' about meetups! I'm restricted by having to rely on public transport and so haven't travelled to any of the meetups that were organised. It would have taken me such a long time to get there and back!

yogagran Fri 27-Mar-15 19:55:45

I'm happy to join a "meet-up" in West Sussex, where do you suggest Grandma2two

Grandma2Two Mon 06-Apr-15 15:30:11

Hello Yogagran-Only just seen your message! It is taking me a little while to find my way around this site.
I live between Brighton and Worthing, however I do drive-so I guess it depends on where you live-and whether you drive?
Why don't we just go for it....arrange a meet up-and hope that others may join us?
A Monday or Tuesday is normally good for me-how about you?
Kind regards

GrandmaB63 Tue 26-Jan-16 19:21:31

Just posted a message on the main site re West/East Sussex meet-ups. I'm a newbie to Gransnet. Grandma to one DG aged 6. I live in Worthing and am retired. Bit of a nervous driver so wouldn't want to travel too far.

niknoko Mon 10-Oct-16 15:27:00

I live on the surrey,sussex, kent borders and would love to meet up with other gransnetters.