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Harrow April meet-up

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Starling Thu 26-Mar-15 19:13:47

In case people missed this at the end of the previous thread, for the next meet-up those of us at the March meet-up can make Tues 14 April, same time same place.

I hope this is good for others too.

Also while I remember, Happy Easter!

Grannynise Fri 27-Mar-15 18:35:31

And Happy Easter to you too.

Charleygirl Fri 27-Mar-15 18:43:26

Happy Easter to all- this year is flashing past.

Hermione Fri 27-Mar-15 19:09:55

Happy Easter ladies I'm putting that date on my calendar

Charleygirl Thu 09-Apr-15 16:06:10

I will be there, Starling.

Hermione Thu 09-Apr-15 18:55:44

I've just told OH not to organise anything for next Tuesday so I WILL bet there too.. grin

Hermione Sun 12-Apr-15 12:13:26

It was 11am wasn't it?

Charleygirl Sun 12-Apr-15 13:06:36

Yes, that is the meet up time, see you on Tuesday.

Starling Sun 12-Apr-15 20:47:36

See everyone on Tuesday!

Hermione Tue 14-Apr-15 22:35:29

Thanks ladies for such a nice chatty meet up today. Thanks to Starling for organising us

Starling Wed 15-Apr-15 17:58:20

Thank-you Hermione! It was good to see everyone.

Charleygirl Wed 15-Apr-15 18:11:54

I agree, it was very pleasant, even with screaming babies!