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jenph Thu 23-Apr-15 13:08:14

Hi I got all excited about meetings and then dispondant because I couldnt make 28/5. Then realised its all last year!!
Im new to gransnet and relatively new to Cornwall as a resident, long story.
So will there be any meetings this spring/summer
best regards

dogsdinner Thu 23-Apr-15 21:43:54

We tried a few meet ups last year but ended up just a couple of us. Let's try again anyone fancy meeting up? Truro was good as doable by car or public transport.

juneh Sat 23-May-15 10:04:04

I am happy to meet up somewhere, relatively new to Truro so glad to getogther with others. Jen we all have long stories to tell about how we came here and it would be great to share. Dogsdinner and I have already been meeting so lets set a date. I can't do Monday or Tuesday but most others are Ok smile

jenph Fri 12-Jun-15 14:00:34

HI I got all excited too about meeting up. Im newish to cornwall this time around. Would love to meet up in 2015!!

jenph Sat 22-Aug-15 09:44:18

HI as I said Im new to gransnet and it looks as tho I have 2 names? Ive not been checking my messages so here I am again! Perhaps try to meet in september?

dogsdinner Sat 22-Aug-15 10:17:00

Always glad to 'meetup'. Any suggestions for dates?

juneh Sat 05-Aug-17 17:07:20

Hi if there are any meetups in Truro area I would love to join. I was the editor of the Conwy site some years ago before i moved here. Been here 3 years

sweetairhead Thu 24-Aug-17 10:42:38

Cornwall is a large area so arranging 'meet-ups' are not that easy to arrange.
I've been giving it some thought and think that maybe four separate meet-ups would be better; North Cornwall, South, East and West (ish)
I will be (at last) writing a monthly news letter so will put details in that - hope this helps