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What do you wish you'd invented? Win a place at The Inventors Workshop worth £129!

Are you a budding inventor? Tell us which ingenious thing you wish you'd invented and you could win a ticket to The Inventors Workshop in Northamptonshire on the 22 September.

Giveaway: The Inventors Workshop

What do you wish you'd invented?

Posted on: Thu 03-Sep-15 17:33:09

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The wheel, sliced bread... What brilliant idea do you wish had been yours?!

Budding entrepreneurs could find their toy ideas on 2016 Christmas wish lists thanks to the Inventors Workshop next month, which gives them life-changing opportunities to meet industry experts from companies including Hasbro, Lego and Argos.

The Inventors Workshop takes place at Whittlebury Hall in and is designed to help fledgling toy inventors of any age to make the transition from simple sketch to store success. During the morning conference sessions, attendees will pick up top tips on funding, toy safety, legislations, retail and pitching, then in the afternoon they will enjoy one to one meetings with toy companies with an interest in their ideas.

At last year’s launch event, mumpreneur Gillian Logan's concept – Skinny Sketcher – was signed on the spot by a major toy company. Her range of architect-inspired drawing kits was showcased at London Toy Fair just four months later and is now on sale on Amazon as well in gift shops throughout the country.

At last year's launch event, mumpreneur Gillian Logan's concept – Skinny Sketcher – was signed on the spot by a major toy company.

"If I hadn't attended the Inventors Workshop last September I would never have gotten such a big break so quickly: it's notoriously difficult for start ups to get in front of the right people at the right companies in the toy industry," said Gillian. "But I did attend and I'm now running a successful toy design business. After seeing how successful I’ve been, the Inventors Workshop invited me back this year to speak to other new inventors and entrepreneurs and I can’t wait; it’ll be an honour to help them in any way I can."

Conference director Billy Langsworthy added: "Grandparents are in a unique position to develop amazing new toy ideas - they know what children want to play with, the kind of toys that create magical family moments and memories, and they have a bit more time to spare than when they were working.

"The Inventors Workshop really is a life changing event for inventors at any stage in their career, even if the idea is still in their head! It really can help them turn that idea into a real life toy, and it can end the hair-tearing frustration many inventors experience when they know they have a great idea, but they just can’t get face time in front of the people who can help them make that idea a reality."

So which toy, game or practical gadget do you wish you'd invented? One winner will be picked from the entries below on 17 September. Watch this space for the country's newest granpreneur!

Tickets to the Inventors Workshop are on sale here for £129.

By Giveaway: The Inventors Workshop

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Sunshine9 Tue 15-Sep-15 07:25:37

I wish I had invented Lego not only would I now have a toy that generations had played with I would also have theme park in honour of my invention!!