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shezzie Sun 04-Oct-15 16:43:20

I would like to start a thread of 'Magical Stories', the wonderful things that happen in our lives.

My 'magical story' (I am a volunteer at the Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham) is about Stanley's daughter, Unity, now herself aged 85.

At the Henley Literary Festival, whilst talking about the book she has written, Unity suddenly pulled out this wonderful 80 year old doll that is the very same one as appears in a painting in our Gallery.

The painting is called Hilda, Unity and Dolls (you MUST come and see it!) and in the painting you see Unity as a child clutching this very doll. It is callled Golden Slumbers Sonia Rose.

The audience was very touched by the unexpected appearance of this doll. It has NEVER been seen in public before and to see it with the now 85 year old Unity was just so moving. Now do enjoy my attached photos!

shezzie Sun 04-Oct-15 16:53:44

Here are the photos. You may want to look at our website too, which is

Gavin Tue 13-Oct-15 07:09:00

Hi shezzie,

I like your painting collection that's available your website
I think you can do a lot of hard work to make amazing painting.